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Our Services

The types of services we offer include helping clients decide which assets and money managers to include in their portfolio, the amounts to commit to each asset class and money manager, and individual company research for some clients. We advise on both public securities and private companies. The bulk of our advice is implemented through unaffiliated money managers who have discretion to buy and sell for that portion of the client account they have been hired for. Since our advice is non-discretionary, the client actually hires the underlying managers – not us. We may negotiate fees on our clients’ behalf when possible. We do not pool our clients’ money with that of any other client. A small portion of our advice involves the direct purchase of securities in cases where a money manager is not needed (such as U.S. Treasury securities); for temporary hedging purposes (short selling); for individual stock or bond speculation (special opportunities); or for investment in private companies (angel investing). We do not make recommendations regarding individual real estate properties. To the extent borrowing is desired we will negotiate lending rates when possible.

Since every client is unique our advice is customized. As a result of this customization, client portfolios do not look or behave the same. Clients may restrict the types of securities they wish to be included in our recommendations to them.

Another part of our ongoing supervisory service involves the reporting of investment results to our clients. Each quarter, clients receive a written report, delivered in hard copy or electronic format. This report explains how their investments have fared compared to appropriate benchmarks. It also includes a thorough review of world markets over the previous quarter and comments on the overall economy. These reports are customized depending on the needs of the client.

To facilitate decision-making, clients are provided with as much written and other information as needed for their own unique situation and comfort levels.