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Consulting Process

When we are hired by a new client we spend time understanding both their existing asset base and how much risk they are comfortable assuming. With that information we are able to provide our clients with feedback to enable them to set realistic investment goals. This is a different upfront approach than many other advisors. Most advisors will take a client’s goal and then dial up the risk to try and meet that goal. The result can be a dangerously large allocation to risky assets when, had they been given a full understanding, the client may have been more comfortable with less risk and an adjusted goal.

At D’Annunzio Consulting Group, LLC we work first to understand and then to act. With 25 years experience guiding investors, Holly D’Annunzio works directly with each client. Her strengths are in understanding our client’s situation and applying the diverse financial markets toward a proper solution. Assisting her in this process is a team of dedicated analysts and staff who have worked together for many years. Our relationships span decades and our knowledge is refreshed daily through the constantly changing global markets and economies.

Co-Stars Global Research LLC

We formulate and deliver all investment advice through D’Annunzio Consulting Group, LLC. To put a proper emphasis and focus on research, Holly founded Co-Stars Global Research LLC and serves as its managing member. Co-StarsTM is a private research firm that conducts due diligence research on money managers and investment products globally. Due to the large opportunity set as well as the large amount of risk within investment strategies and products, Co-StarsTM stays focused on investment product research and does not give client advice.